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August 27 2017

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was cruisin my tl & this is so fucking important

i think the moment i was disillusioned about life was when i was maybe 7 years old and realized the reason all my friends had become assholes was because boys aren’t allowed to have any physcial contact that isn’t fighting

my parents were hippie feminists so my brother and i could play clapping games and sleep in puppy piles and give each other weird hairdos, but all the ‘normal’ boys just up and stopped knowing how to touch anyone without hitting sometime between kindergarten and first grade

and my little kid mind briefly saw the vastness of life stretching out in front of all of us, and all the hugs everyone would need and not get, and for a moment i was just like

maybe life is not such a good idea after all

I grew up around a Russian ballet school. Let me tell you something about Russian men: They touch each other. Especially dancers, who are in my experience almost always super tactile people. They rough house like Americans, but they also hug each other, and sit on each other’s laps, and share blankets when it’s cold backstage.

So I grew up knowing full well that the whole Men Don’t Touch thing was puritanical bullshit.

What I was absolutely not prepared for, however, is the super intense effect it has on straight men’s romantic relationships.

Because when you are literally the only person it is okay for your boyfriend to touch, Jesus fucking Christ, that changes the game.

I strongly suspect that a lot of Str8 Dude feelings of entitlement to women’s bodies, particularly the bodies of their wives and girlfriends, is a direct result of those women being the only non-violent physical contact they’re allowed to have.

I know for certain that the framing of any and all platonic physical contact as un-manly has been directly responsible for a lot of sexual dysfunction (and then the attendant misery of trying to get that treated at the ripe old age of 22) with at least one of my exes. It’s a mess when you can’t get it up because you’re depressed and want to be held but you’ve been brainwashed into thinking what you actually want is sex because being held is for girls.

Amazing how the erectile dysfunction went completely away when he learned the difference between feeling horny and feeling cuddly. /sarcasm

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fuck you brad

August 16 2017

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The trick to stop feeling embarrassed for oversharing on tumblr is to realize that it doesn’t matter what you post, it’s all embarrassing. This entire site is embarrassing, we’re all living in a cycle of shame






okay like Durham police made the decision not to arrest the people who ripped the statue down in favor of seeking charges after the fact. A good reminder of why masking up matters. Just because you are not detained at an action doesn’t mean you got away with it. Always obscure your identity.


Stop taking pictures of protestors!

Stop RECORDING protestors!

Stop identifying protestors on social media!

You’re LITERALLY doing the police and the state’s job for them!

I also meant to add this


A bail fund has been set up for everyone arrested.

Man, I don’t think y’all understand. I am in MAJOR, MAJOR support of what they did. Had I the time or funds, I would have gladly been there with them. But y’all talk about masking up and maybe you need to understand that most people there KNOW that they are breaking the law. Did it occur to any of you that they might be willing to pay the consequences for their unlawful, if justifiable, behavior? Because I’ll happily lose my job, if it means I don’t work for a company who supports racism. I’ll happily go to jail if it means I can do the RIGHT thing, if not the legal thing. Y’all forget that people were arrested for breaking the laws during the civil rights movement, because you forget there were laws that PREVENTED black folks from sitting at the white counters at a diner. From drinking from the same fountains. You forget. Sometimes, you have to break the laws that are unjust and accept the consequences of thatm in order to create the change you seek. 

I’d rather show my face and stand up for what is right and just than hide myself like a coward. Period. These people are brave. Do not make them out to be any less than that.

I don’t forget shit. Throwing away your lively hood for the symbolic and morals of it is useless and worthless.

Stay free to fight another day. Cover your face.

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this makes me think of a convo with a friend the other night about seeking validation that harm occurred from the one(s) who harmed you (in this case i was talking about my relationship with my parents, mostly my mother.)

“seeking validation that harm occurred from the one(s) who harmed you.”

I still think about this all the time

August 15 2017




sex is intimate and sacred. your body is a temple and you shouldn’t share it with anyone who pronounces “gif” like “jif”

Ok first off fuck you

Hey man, don’t be mad just because you pronounce it wrong

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These companies need to put some respeck on Mulan name…..

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Defenders of the universe, huh? That’s got a nice ring to it.

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whats good homeboy

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Когда не хотел потревожить кота

“When you don’t want to disturb the cat”


can we talk about the decontamination scene in s2 e4 is because

Keith pouting with his arms crossed because he’s not happy about this and he and Lance are side-eyeing each other because OF COURSE THEY ARE. poor Hunk is completely covered in squishy asteroids because Lance was using him as a shield the entire time.

Pidge hates every second of this. Keith is still pouting. Shiro has decided to set an example for good hygiene and Lance follows suit albeit much less enthused. Hunk looks up, amazed at the miracle that is water.

Keith is still pouting he hasn’t moved at all. Shiro continues to be a role model. Lance flashes back to every embarrassing moment in his entire life. HUNK IS HAVING SO MUCH FUN LOOK AT HIM

they’re uNDER WATER AND KEITH IS STILL POUTING WITH HIS ARMS CROSSED. Lance is surrounded by his own element and feels at ease, stickin his legy out. Hunk is goodness incarnate.

KEITH IS STILL DOING IT. Shiro is very relaxed I’m happy for him. Lance grabs onto Hunk for support to avoid getting blown away and Hunk is okay with it because he loves his friends. Pidge does not grab onto anythi

oh no there she go

Keith is mildly concerned.


August 14 2017

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when buzzfeed doesn’t get the joke




i’m loving all this violent response to nazis stuff that’s going around but i also want to say like be careful out there because not all nazis are fucking clowns like richard spencer. most of em carry weapons and will not hesitate to cut your ass up and leave you dying in a dumpster. if you don’t know how to fight, don’t take one on without backup. and even if you do know how to fight, watch yourself. i don’t want to see any of you getting killed

Irl these are the same ‘people’ who put up their shitty swastika stickers around towns and hide poisoned razor blades behind them so people cut themselves and get sick if they try to peel it off with their hands so don’t like underestimate what those animals are capable and what they’d be willing to do to you.

in light of today’s events i’d like to give a glaring “fuck you” to everyone who reblogged this saying “uwu dont hurt the nazis”


Me in history class: Wow, humanity has been through some fascinating times!  I wonder if I’ll ever live through major historical events!



I told my roommate he was putting the tp on backwards and then I find this


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