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every time i fuck up plugging in the USB to charge my iphone and scratch it against the underside of the phone i think about that scene at the start of sherlock where sherlock assumes that john watson’s sister is an alcoholic because of the scratches around the charging port of the iphone she gave to him as a gift and i think to myself “man sherlock is a fucking idiot”

#god if I could meet Sherlock holmes I would have a field day preparing my Look to throw him off#watch me wear an engagement ring for a week before hand and take it off and wear one of my mom’s blouses that has the shoulder all crunched#from years of violin playing and a pair of brand new matching socks and carry a brand new copy of a book i’ve read 20 times#and spill some coffee on my shoes and cuddle my neighbor’s cats so i have different cat fur on me#my dream is to throw off a sherlock holmes type with pure petty bs 

@hedgiwithapen that is a very specific and well thought-out fantasy


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