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May 17 2018

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No money or time needed. Please share this, it could save our lives.


every culture has a little dish that just translates to “we threw everything into that fucking pot we’re poor”

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“god i wish that were me” except his eyes are glowing with unimaginable power and he says “god wishes he were me”



“evil” versions of characters are always way hotter than the regular version




Me: hey do you know what serotonin is?


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The real Skyrim experience is innocently looking up a piece of armor and finding incredibly bizarre and specific bugs associated with it


can you believe south korea impeached their corrupt president through the sheer force of peaceful civilian protests and elected a new guy who, less than a year later, is successfully negotiating peace with the north? can you believe it’s possible for a democracy to work like that? must be nice


after sonic-for-real-justice regular tumblr drama just doesn’t impress me anymore. even if everything was fabricated it was still so good. it was like watching a real reality show unfold, and now everything pales in comparision. like yeah, stealing human bones and using them for witchcraft is pretty bad, but it’s nothing compared to what happened to mod silver?


The problem with the manic pixie dreamgirl trend in media is that it trains men to assume every girl they pass with a pretty dress, unusual hair, and sparkly eye-liner is some kind of deep and quirky and paradoxical nymph, which is complete erasure of girls like me, who are absolute gremlins.

There’s a certain point in conversations with guys when you can tell that’s what he’s thinking. He fell for the sparkly nails and the off-the-shoulder top and he’s expecting you to tell him how your dream is to bike across France with just the clothes on your back. How you like art museums because they feel like the beautiful preservation of long-dead artists’ souls. How you believe humans evolved sight in order to appreciate the infinitely unreachable cascade of stars above.

And at that point you’ve already lost. There’s no graceful way to clarify that you’re actually just a gremlin in a sundress, which you got for $14.99 on the clearance rack at Old Navy while trying to buy socks. That you actually don’t know anything about philosophy or whimsy or world-travel you get anxious taking the subway anywhere new. That you actually really have to go because you already have plans for the evening of lying in a blanket-burrito in bed watching a 49 minute Youtube video review of an anime you’ve never heard of.

The manic pixie dreamgirl trope is socially-anxious-dumbass erasure and i wont stand for it

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Look it’s a pop up weirwood.

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I am fucking screaming lmfao


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 the only criticism of millennials l accept

Constructive Criticism

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Words cannot even express how deeply I am geeking out over this Etsy store’s selection.


Burst blogging is my preferred method. Reblog a thousand things in a minute and leave. Its like the opposite if queue-ing







The only major chain retail store that I know of that allows their cashiers to sit is the Aldi grocery store, a German chain. Their starting pay is also $12 an hour chain-wide.

The interior of the store looks like this so they save money on the annoying shelf restocking. Products remain in their boxes until being removed by customers.  No unboxing and putting stuff on shelves, and constantly having to rearrange it. Also, the boxes make inventory a breeze as a sealed box has a defined number of items in it. 

Typical American grocery stores have shelves like this

Every item has to be unboxed and neatly stacked on the shelves. If they get messed up by the customers, everything has to be rearranged back to specific rigid order. When you have to verify the inventory, every item has to be removed from the shelves to be counted and put back. Aldi’s also do not have plastic bags. You can buy reusable bags or simply use the empty cardboard boxes that are available.

Last is the carts. Most grocery stores have their carts strewn across the parking lots, rolling around and hitting cars until a store employee is sent out to collect them, after being yelled at by the manager when they were told to do other tasks in the meantime. Aldi’s chains those carts together and you have to put a Quarter in to release it. When you are done, you plug the chain back in and get your Quarter back. If others are lazy, you can collect and return the loose carts and collect the Quarters. 

It stops this…

Then the employees have to do this

What do you mean cashiers don’t sit in grocery stores in US?!?!?!? LIKE WHAT??!!!!!! The only people who don’t sit are like, bartenders and people who work behind counters in bakeries and such. Which is still criminal as far as I’m concerned. Let poor people sit!

Also locking the carts is the most basic thing?? Not all store chains do it, but still??

Oh sweet summer child. 

No. Cashiers here have to stand. When I worked retail, the only time I got to sit down all shift was for my 30 minute break. 

And the locking the carts thing is ONLY Aldi here. Most stores send employees out to collect carts every so often, even when the weather is awful and they have other shit to do. 


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